Our Environmental Promise to you

Welcome to Dara Ayu . We hope you enjoy your experience with us.

We believe in protecting the beautiful environment of Dara Ayu and the surrounding valley that we live in and enjoy. We want to ensure that future generations can also enjoy this piece of paradise. Dara Ayu is participating in sustainable tourism to ensure that our business grows and our guests’ experience is everything they hoped it would be from a sustainable perspective. We will try to actively reduce any adverse effects through buying wisely, using resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly, and providing an environmentally and socially responsible experience to our guests.

Dara Ayu is reducing our energy demand by:

  • Offering a towel and linen change arrangement which ensures you are helping the environment by reducing energy and water use.
  • Investigating the feasibility of our own mini hydro generation scheme to minimise use of grid
  • Using timers on our night lighting
  • Using Led lights wherever practicable
  • Turning off our waterfall feature at night

Dara Ayu is reducing our waste by :

  • Sorting and disposing of all our recyclable material in a responsible manner
  • Having compost bins to save and recycle green waste from our garden and kitchen refuse

Dara Ayu is conserving water by:

  • Using dual flush toilets in all bathrooms
  • Recycling our water in our waterfall feature
  • Investigating installation of a bio-digester recycling system
  • Maintaining ‘Subak’, Balinese traditional eco friendly rice paddy irrigation system

Dara Ayu understands the importance of a wise buying policy by:

  • Purchasing locally to reduce carbon emissions from transport and to support local economy
  • Using home grown products wherever possible in our kitchen

Dara Ayu understands we are part of our local community and participate in it by:

  • Respecting the local culture – particularly the participation of our people in village activities
  • Employing and training local people in the running of Dara Ayu
  • Supporting local youth groups
  • Supporting local schools
  • Providing annual payments to the local Banjar Majangan
  • Using local performers in guest activities where appropriate.

Eco tips for Guests

  • Save energy by turning off lights/air conditioners when you don’t need them
  • Save energy by being careful not to overfill the bathtub and kettle in your room –use only as much water as you need.
  • Save energy ,water and detergent by re-using towels instead of having them replaced. Put towels needing a wash on the floor and hang them up if you can reuse them.
  • We will recycle waste you leave behind wherever we can, but please try to reduce waste to a minimum while you are here.


Dara Ayu Pte understand that all businesses create an environmental and social impact. We will try to reduce any adverse effects through the buying wisely, utilising resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly ,and providing and environmentally and socially responsible experience to our guests.

We undertake to:

  • Train our staff to be aware of our environmental commitment and how they can be involved.
  • Informing our service providers of our sustainable activities and ask for assistance in meeting targets and strive for continued improvement in this area.
  • Promote the benefits of environmental and social responsibility to our customers
  • Ensure our employees are aware of their responsibilities to “reduce,recycle and replace” wherever possible.
  • Recycle all used equipment ,plant and fittings wherever possible
  • Reduce waste by not purchasing goods with excessive packaging and not printing unnecessary emails or using colour printing.
  • Send all batteries and electronic equipment to recycling depots wherever possible for safe recycling.
  • Grow our own produce as much as possible
  • Sponsor local and regional events and awards

We will strive to t be involved in community initiatives where we can influence positive outcomes by promoting responsible tourism policies.

We also pledge to apply the following principles across all aspects of our business:

  • Avoid polluting land ,air and water
  • Avoid depleting natural,non renewable resources
  • Treat employees,suppliers and guests fairly and with respect