Dara Ayu & the Community

Majangan is the village where the owners finally ended their long search for a piece of paradise.  The land perfectly fits the description of the land of their dreams.  A natural stream runs at the bottom of the property and more than a third of the land takes the form of beautifully terraced rice paddies.  It also has views of Bali’s famed mountains and lush tropical forests.

The owners are conscious of the impact a development like Dara Ayu will have on a community such as Majangan and have made every effort to ensure the relationship is founded on mutual trust and respect and has a positive impact on the community.

Dara Ayu is very proud of its commitment and achievement with the development of the local people.  All of Dara Ayu employees are sourced from Majangan and the surrounding villages.  This is an ongoing process and it has started really well.

Dara Ayu donates IDR 10  million per year to the community to assist in the development of Majangan.    If you wish to contribute  or help the community in some other way, please let us know.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.