Pasar Seni Ubud for Souvenir hunter

The enchanting Island of Bali offers an idyllic holiday getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. Blessed with pristine beaches and stunning natural beauty, this island paradise also boasts a rich cultural heritage and those exploring Bali always have plenty to see and do. Travellers looking to set out on sightseeing excursions on the island can visit many of the charming towns and rustic villages which offer glimpses into more traditional way of living. Not to be missed on your travels is the town of Ubud where you will find the well known Ubud Art Market. Set amidst scenic landscapes that include rice paddy fields, Ubud has become a popular stop for tourists visiting the island. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it is where one will find a fascinating and large art market which offers a wide range of products for those looking to purchase keepsakes and mementos of their trip to Bali.

The market is unfolding from west to easterly divided become two group with different purpose. There are two markets available at the same area those are one block at the Westside is for a traditional artistic market and another block located in the east as an everyday traditional fundamental market requirement.

Locally known as ‘Pasar Seni’, the Ubud Art Market can be found in the town centre itself and is also where one can find vendors selling fresh produce as well. However, the main draw here is the art and crafts items on sale which make ideal souvenirs to take back home to friends and family. Shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting items to purchase and the range of goods available include masks, fabrics, batik clothing, intricate carvings done on wood, sarongs, silver accessories, bags, Indonesian puppets and paintings. Bargaining is common practice here and those with good persuasive skills can even purchase the item of their choice for less!

Ubud Traditional Art Market where the existence is not far different from other markets available in the tourism area. This market as a society economics center of Ubud and it is apposite to the existence of Ubud Empire that is called Puri Saren.

This market is opened every day about at 08:00 until 18:00, even some from them still open until nighttime. While the traditional market for the fundamental requirement is opened everyday at 06:00 – even before that there is morning market started at 04:00 morning.

The Monkey Forest Art Market and the Sukawati Art Market are among the other art markets in Bali one can visit. Those in Ubud looking to explore the surrounding areas and enjoy more sightseeing adventures can also visit such sites of interest as Ubud Palace, Ubud Monkey Forest, the Arma Museum and the cave known as ‘Goa Gajah’.

What makes this Sukawati Art Market must to visit?

CHEAP PRICES ! Of course this requires a little from your ingenuity to bid on items that you want to buy. Sukawati market is a traditional market, so do not hesitate to haggle prices to create an agreement between you and the merchant. Sukawati market is also not devoid of tourists. They used to buy groceries, because the price offered is cheap. In addition, the merchants were friendly!

Although Sukawati hawking souvenirs or by-the sort of sandals, necklaces, key chains, paintings, hats and such, but this one seems the market is better known as a place to buy all kinds of Balinese garments. Starting from the typical Balinese shirts, pants Bali, Balinese sarongs, negligee, nightgowns and other Balinese casual clothes.

About the price depends on the persistence and your ability to bid. For goods in Sukawati all negotiable. So there is no benchmark price is right. But in general the price offered is quite affordable. Especially if you buy in bulk. Small tips for those who want to shop at this place, which came in the morning at 8 am to 10 noon. Because it is reportedly the best time to get a cheap price because traders just observe prayer. And they believe the goods are sold in the morning will continue in the next hour. Interesting to haggle on yours craft items on Sukawati art market ?
Several shopping tips on sukawati art market

1. Make a list of who and what items would you give a gift. This is important because it will prevent you from ‘hungry eyes’ when you saw a lot of good stuff and cheap offer here.
2. No less important, have a maximum budget that you will spend. Because in every experience, regardless of the amount of your money, would be exhausted, if we are not good at self-control. Remember there are still a lot of tourist destinations in Bali.
3. Do not ever hesitate to shop around first, so its important to get the goods in accordance with your shopping list.
4. Examine before buying, if you want to buy clothes, check whether the strong seams, right size, and color when buying clothes, make sure the color does not fade.
5. And most importantly, do not hesitate to haggle. After spending a couple of times, the average asking price could be reduced by 40% -60%, of course, it is strongly influenced by to skills in the bargain.

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