How To Get Around In Ubud

Central Ubud can be covered on foot, but you will need some form of transportation to explore the amazing town. Ubud is generally a little quieter, and the streets calmer than the more urbanised parts of Bali. So whilst traffic is slower than in downtown Kuta for example, the sidewalks are often blocked by motorbikes, or a collapsed section necessitates a step off the sidewalk potentially placing you in the path of traffic. That traffic could be a tricycle or a truck, so keep your wits about you.

By bemo
Bemos ply the main routes in and around Ubud, and the main stop and gathering point is Ubud market at the junction of Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Raya Ubud. Most bemos stop running in the late afternoon, and are always more frequent in the morning.

By taxi
No metered taxis operate in Ubud, and any you see will be dropping off passengers from further afield.

By local car
Most local transport comes in the form of SUVs or minivans that can be hired with a driver for specific trips. Look for the circular yellow “E” logo on the windshield certifying them as Ubud Transport Association members. You can (and should) haggle a bit over the price, and pay a touch less than for the equivalent journey in a metered taxi. A short trip is about 20,000 to 30,000 Rupiah, and drivers will be glad to wait for you for a return fare. Also, there are guys on motorbikes who will also offer bike rides (ojek) and are about half the price of those in a car.

By hotel car
Many hotels are located out of town, and are happy to offer regular, complimentary drop-off and pick-up services to central Ubud. Expect to pay higher than taxi prices if you are intending to go further afield.

By motorbike
As elsewhere in Bali, motorbike rental is widely available, and you will not be short of options. Expect to pay between 50,000 and 80,000 Rupiah per day. Look for rental agencies on all the main streets, or ask your hotel to organise for you. Navigation can be confusing, as signage is limited and all the roads look pretty much the same at first, but take it easy and stop to ask for directions if (when) you get lost.

By bicycle
You can rent bicycles for about 20,000-30,000 Rupiah per day. There is a large selection available at the corner of the football field on Jalan Monkey Forest. Beware though: Ubud is very hilly, so cycling can be hard, sweaty work. Traffic on the main roads is heavy and drivers rarely pay heed to cyclists.

A little information about Ubud can be found at Bina Wisata, located at Jalan Raya Ubud (just west of Ubud Market), phone: +62 361 973285. They always have a few leaflets, and local businesses advertise current events there.

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