Batubulan, The Village Of Stone Carving

The road to Ubud from Sanur in the south passes through a series of small towns and villages which specialize in the production of particular arts and crafts. The towns are Batubulan/Singakerta for stone carvings, Celuk for silver jewelry, Batuan for paintings, and Mas for wood carvings. The whole area is sometimes referred to as the “craft villages” of Bali, although it is all a bit more built-up and congested than one might infer from the term “village”. We will tell you about the places we mentioned above one by one, we begin with Batubulan.

Batubulan village is one of the tourist places and destination in Bali. Not only famous with its stone carving, this village is also popular with barong dance, kerawitan (traditional musical instruments). It is about 8 km from Denpasar. Batubulan had been known for a long time by tourists because  of it’s statues made of sand stone These statues are on display along the roadside.

Stone carving has a long tradition in Batubulan, and the quality of the products are usually very  good. From young boys to old men, they all seems to be experts in stone carving here. The material used is mainly “paras”, gray volcanic stone or soapstone. It’s no problem to stop by a stone carver and watch the workers do their job in the shadows under large trees.

Batubulan was previously known as Biaung village. In the period of Bali King, the Biaung people made stone carving that was done for months (month which derived from the word ‘moon’ means ‘bulan’ in Bahasa). The name of Batubulan is etymologically taken from two word that are: Batu and Bulan (moon stone). Because of that, Biaung Village finally became  known as Batubulan. In the beginning, Batubulan was an agrarian village but ‘people had the ability to carve the ledge stone.  Relying on artistic potential, strategic location and open village network this village grew as a local, national, and global tourist destination This Tourist destination is becoming more famous with the  increasing number of tourists coming to Bali. Every day we can see Barong danceperformances here. Recently we have found a lot of shops that sell antiques. As a tourism destination and stone carving business area, Batubulan village is visited by both  foreign and domestic tourists throughout the day. At 09:00-10:30 Barong Dance is held daily, while at 18:00-19:00 the Kecak Dance or Bali Night performances are executed.

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