Dara Ayu is surrounded by villages endowed with spectacular views of rice paddy terraces and expansive views of the mountains. You can enjoy leisurely walks to these villages any time of the day. With the cool highland breezes and mountain views at their best, a morning walk is very invigorating but those who want to feel the perspiration can do it a little later in the day. You will see how the village people attend to their daily chores and experience the significance that ceremonies play in Balinese life. This is a valuable time as it gives you a fascinating insight into the traditions of rural Bali.

Dara Ayu staff will only be too happy to organize a picnic brunch or lunch within the confine of Dara Ayu or to these local spots. Before or after lunch, you can get right down into the rice fields to give a helping hand to our rice farmers by either ploughing the fields, planting the seeds or harvesting the rice depending on the season at the time of your stay.

If you keen in seeing how Balinese cooks their traditional meals and tasting these meals, we have a cooking class/show hut which is turned to action on your request. You can enjoy what you help cook for lunch or dinner.

Bali is also famous for its dance and gamelan orchestral performances, you may see these performances at Dara Ayu or in Ubud which is dotted with many traditional performing centres.

You can join other activities such as rice paddy trekking, temple, museum, gallery and shopping visits as well as for the more active – river kayaking, white water rafting, horse riding, downhill biking, safari parks, mountain hiking and golf.